Yuka (seiryunomiko) wrote,

Name // Aly
Birthday // 9/19/87
Nicknames // Yui-chan (Or Alison Wonderland XD)
First Anime // DBZ
Favourite Series [top three] // Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, CCS

Genre [drama, action, etc.] // All
Movie // CCS Movie 2
Manga // Mintna Bokura, Chobits, TSK... XD
Scenes in Anime // When Shishio bit Kenshin XDDDD
Quotes in Anime // "My name's Kuwabara, and I've got a sword!!" XP knew that was coming
Time to Watch Anime // Anytime oO But night is the best. It's dark.
Anime Website // All the good ones. Not the crap ones with like a summary of the series n that's it
Fanfiction // Long ones
Anime Items You Own // See a survey from like 3 weeks ago
Anime Items You Collect // ALL!


Favourite Female // Asuka from Shishunki (Duh)
Favourite Male // SASA!
Favourite Enemy // Shishio XP
Favourite Animal // Tama-neko-chan XD
Most Beautiful Female // Chii-chan!! [EDIT: Ari pointed out that Ceres would fall under this category too!! Thanks!!]
Most Beautiful Male // Tamahome bwahahaha
Cutest Male // SASA!
Ugliest Female // Miori. She should diiiie. Or Q-san XD
Ugliest Male // All of the side characters in Kenshin XP
Most Annoying Voice // All dubbed voices
Most Wicked // Erika. In Imadoki. She just had evil intentions.
Smartest // Yui!
Interesting // AOI!
Most Useless // Miori. And Mayo. And Erika. And Akira (form Mint)
Most Psychotic // Aoi XDDDD
Best Dressed // Aya
Worst Dressed // Relena [EDIT: Ari also pointed out that Tooya has horrible taste in clothes. Thanks again!]
Someone You'd Wish Death On // Mayo. Miori. Akira. The evil girl from Alice 19th
Most Likely to Chop Off His/Her Finger // Kenshin. Gotta watch where yer waving that sword XP
Most Likely to Get Hit by a Train // Mayo
Most Likely to Drown in a Toilet // Akira. Noeru would push her down XD


Funniest // Kenshin (For some odd reason oO)
Cutest // CCS
Most Dramatic // Ayashi No Ceres
Most Violent // DBZ n Kenshin.
Dumbest // Akira. Akira should die.
Most Boring // Magic Knight Rayearth
Most Confusing // I dunno. They're all pretty confusing at first.


Favourite // Fushigi Yuugi OP
Least Favourite // Some of the Tenchi songs are annoying
Closing // Fushigi Yuugi, Outlaw Star, CCS XD Groovy!!, and more that I can't remember. Some Kenshin endings
Catchy // Groovy!
Best Singer // Junko Iwao
CD // That Kenshin CD with all the vocal songs on it.


Dubs or subs? // Subs.
Are you for or against anime shown on US TV? // as long as they're not cut horribly
Shounen or shoujo? // both!
Clubs you are in? // um none?
Rent or buy? // buy
Do you have a website? // if Livejournal counts XD
Plan on cosplaying as an anime char for Halloween? // yeah!!
Hentai, good or bad? // bad
Yaoi, good or bad? // bad
Yuri, good or bad? // bad
Who is the biggest anime freak you know? // Me. and Ari.
Your thoughts on Pokemon? // stupid
Your thoughts on Sailormoon? // In Washu's words... "dub=evil" so true.
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